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A Teddy bear faced fascism

Reality always exceeds fiction. The greatest science fiction authors, the best science fiction novels have imagined all the craziest scenarios... Except one! That the world would become very stupid. Yet this is what is happening in the West, and this programmed stupidity has consequences for the entire planet.

It is made possible above all by the abject ignorance of the population, especially the younger generations. A 2016 Survation investigation in the UK revealed the following staggering facts:

-50% of young Britons had never heard of Lenin

-70% had no idea who Mao was

-68% had never heard of the Russian Revolution

Logically 41% of 16-24 year olds had positive feelings for socialism, for only 28% for capitalism. In the United States, a 2020 poll revealed that almost two thirds of Americans between the ages of 18 and 39 had no idea that 6 million Jews had been killed during the Holocaust. Almost half of young people between the ages of 20 and 40 were unable to name a concentration camp or Jewish ghetto during World War II.

I personally enjoy asking young people between the ages of 18 and 30 if they have read or heard of Huxley's "Brave New World" or Orwell's "1984". The result is maddening. However, it is indisputable that the education systems, from primary to university, are dominated by the left. The conclusion is therefore unstoppable: the left is the transmission belt of a system that wants people to be ignorant, in particular of everything that relates to the concept of individual freedom.

The new reality of 2023 could be caricatured as follows: the more educated people are, the more stupid they are (because formatted by university propaganda) and the more people are “informed” (by the mainstream press) the more ignorant they are.

To quote Brandon Smith: “the spread of leftist ideology among 63% of Americans age 18-29 according to polls has created a survival vacuum – a generation of mental weaklings. It’s important to remember that younger people have adopted more liberal views for decades, but the political left is not liberal today. The leftists of today are full-bore Marxists, both economically and culturally. They support establishment centralisation, they support economic centralisation, they support corporate centralisation, they support authoritarianism and censorship, they support moral relativism and they applaud the concept of an all pervasive welfare state.”

This is the thing that blurs the tracks and makes it impossible for a majority of the population, even an intelligent one, to become aware of the current reality: the fascist-globalists use Marxism (and are often Marxists themselves like Klaus Schwab) to achieve at the advent of a fascist reign. Among the false masks allowing an attractive presentation of Marxism, there is of course the use of a Pavlovian vocabulary among crowds conditioned by education and the media: the words equality, inclusion, social cohesion, resilience are put to all the sauces with each declaration of the globalists, from Schwab to Lagarde, from Soros to Gates... The elites and the international institutions they control are nice protective teddy bears, working tirelessly for the advent of a fairer society, more equitable, more egalitarian, more inclusive, more sustainable...

Progressive liberals believe strongly in a world where money problems are solved by printing money, where deficits don't matter, where debt has no consequences, where borders are remnants of a bygone world, where all migrants are kind, innocent victims and cultural enrichments, where nations are populist nostalgia, where all cultures are equal and can coexist in rainbow mode, with the same harmony as a transgender man in a women's locker room. They are as naive as a woman who blindly trusts the man who tells her he loves her every day, or the man who trusts the stranger who calls him "brother" every two minutes.

The teddy bears of Davos use and abuse this verbal vaseline to the point of nausea, but it seems that no declaration of intent is admissible without these key words : equality, inclusion, social cohesion, resilience...



Marxism is today the Trojan Horse of Fascism

As written in my previous article, Covid is the Trojan horse of marxism. And marxism is today the Trojan horse of fascism. Those who have read Antony Sutton know that the same interests financed the Bolshevik Revolution and Hitler. Marxism and fascism have many things in common: the hatred of individual freedoms, freedom of expression, free markets, elections, the obsession with an all-powerful state and a taste for violence against dissidents. Marxism or fascism, the point of arrival is the same: the concentration of undemocratic power in the hands of an elite parasitising political, financial, economic, military and cultural power....

Hitler declared himself a socialist and an enemy of capitalism. He candidly asserted that "all National Socialism" was based on Marx. “I learned a lot from Marxism [...] and I have no difficulty in admitting it.” With Hitler, as with all Marxists, individuals are servants of the state, and socialism is the solution to all the ills of society. The Hegelian vision of the all-powerful State facing the individual, the latter existing only through his service and his submission to the same State, is shared by fascists and Marxists.

In the case of Hitler, it was a question of using the capitalists to build a socialist society without revolution (via the confiscation of the means of production). In the case of Schwab, it is a question of using the power of corporations to control governments, to corrupt them, to infiltrate them, but also to do what governments cannot do: circumvent constitutions and legal systems. It is an exchange of good practices between politicians and corporations on the backs of the people. Always more taxes, debts, revolving doors and public/private shuttles... always less freedom, sovereign duties and health services, the Covid vaccine scandal being a textbook case of what we are describing . It's the triangle Schwab-Gates-WHO / Pfizer-Moderna-media /Von Der Layen-Macron-Johnson-Ardern-Trudeau-Sanchez etc...

Many see large corporations as examples of capitalism, while they are mostly instruments of power through monopoly, the antithesis of competition and therefore of capitalism. As Michael Rectenwald rightly notes (minute 29:30), socialists hate competition and love monopolies. Several names can be given to the economic systems they promote and which is the reality of today in the West: corporate socialism, economic fascism, or neo-feudalism.

Big Gov

The development of large monopolistic corporations, particularly in the field of information exchange, is accompanied by a constant extension of the perimeter of the State. As Lauren Southern points out, one of the only growing sectors is government jobs. Civil servants, essential tentacles of the omnipresent power of states, are pampered everywhere. The English government has just increased the pensions of civil servants twice as much as the average increase in wages, the largest increase in decades. The average salary in the public sector is £618/week compared to £583/week in the private sector. No need to talk about France.

And that's without taking into account the banking sector, which has become both the policeman and the spy of the States (CRS, limits on withdrawals and deposits in cash, origin of the funds...) and the technological sector, whether it is the social networks which apply censorship and relay the propaganda of the States, renewable energy companies fed with subsidies and of course all the mainstream press, to cite only a few... In his latest letter to shareholders, the CEO of JP Morgan suggests that the government seize the private property of citizens to accelerate climate reforms. For its part, the ECB is putting tremendous pressure on banks to include “climate risk” in their risks. The sanction being fines and obligations to increase their capital. These must detail the climate risks in their balance sheets and abandon customers for whom coal represents more than a quarter of their energy.

Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret write that "if the past five centuries in Europe and America teach us anything, it is that serious crises contribute to strengthening the power of the State... This has always been the case and it there's no reason for it to be any different with the Covid pandemic." "The Great Reset" was published just a few months after the appearance of the Covid, a remarkable performance considering the time required to write, correct and print a book. They were ready!! The jubilation of the authors in the face of the “opportunities” offered by the Covid is evident there.

The system proposed by the Great Reset is a capitalism with Chinese characteristics. A two-tiered economy, with extremely profitable monopolies and government executives at the top, and socialism for the peasants of the people. The Hegelian principle of everything by the State, everything for the State, is in the phase of concrete and real materialisation in 2023

In its issue of 23-03-23, the Evening Standard of London writes that the tax hikes of the Conservative government of Richi Sunak are taking the tax burden to levels not seen since the Second World War. The English tax authorities are stepping up their inheritance tax checks. UK tax rules are a nightmare of complexity. You have to pay a fortune for accountants and tax advisers who are not even sure what they are advising you. But how to expect anything else when you have armies of civil servants and technocrats above ground, without any contact with economic reality, paid to nitpick ?

In The Telegraph, Madeline Grant recalls that in England the tax code has tripled in volume since 1997 and the criminal code has exploded in size and ramifications. "While we used to favour a legal system that allowed people to do anything but what was explicitly illegal, our obsession with 'rights' has turned that logic upside down, turning everyday life into an ever-shrinking list of permitted things. ”


In the United States, the "Biden's Build Back Better Act" has pushed public spending to the highest level in American history. According to the Heritage Foundation: Government spending for the average poor family will increase from $65,200 a year to over $76,400. When the admittedly limited private incomes of these households are added, the total combined incomes reach $94,600 per year for the average poor family. At the same time, the Senate approved $80 billion in funding for the IRS (the US tax authorities) with plans to hire 87,000 additional agents (4 times the total number of border officers). It is specified in some job advertisements that officers must be ready to use lethal force if necessary. Currently the IRS has an arsenal of 4600 weapons, including 3282 pistols, 621 rifles, 539 carbines, 15 automatic weapons and 4 revolvers.

While we distribute considerable sums of money to the poorest, we destroy the middle class with inflation, taxes, confinements, interest rates... The fall in rates and their excessively low level for too long drove many people into debt. And suddenly... a sharp rise in rates (unprecedented in history) combined with high inflation and an induced recession. Consequences: the assets fall in value because of the recession, the rise in rates takes borrowers by the throat, the collateral becomes insufficient and the banks or other creditors get their hands on the assets at sold-off prices. Large swaths of the people find themselves deprived of their property and their independence. Even as we publish these lines, Le Monde, the number one echo chamber of the Davos men in France, headlines "Real estate: the detached house, a dream that is coming to an end".

Fed 1 Fed 2 Fed 3

Condominium fees are up 84% in 18 months in some parts of London. But rents are already sky high. Something has to give out and most likely it will be the independent owners. As for depositors, while they are being taken by the throat by inflation, the banks are multiplying the punctures on their accounts, the prices of credit cards are soaring, the rates for overdrafts or credit facilities are a pure scandal. As citizens are crushed by Covid-induced inflation and limitless cash distribution, taxes and levies are rising exponentially.

In the world of banking, we are witnessing the same phenomenon of concentration in the hands of the most powerful. Following the fall of SVB Bank, the big banks like JP Morgan and Citigroup recover the deposits of individuals fleeing the small banks. However, more consolidation = less competition and more government control. In an article subtitled “Banks risk being transformed into relays of the States”, Politico notes that following the absorption of Credit Suisse by UBS, the latter is now a giant almost impossible to save except by the State in case of difficulties. Combined with the advent of central bank digital currencies, this leads to a shift of power and economic decisions in the camp of the governments. In this regard the reader can also watch this video of Tucker Carlson from minute 8.

But the Leviathan governments, extending their power over all aspects of our existence, from our mode of heating to the genre and sexual education of our children, are themselves only the transmission belts of an undemocratic transnational power which is strengthening by the day. The United Nations seeks to strengthen its powers in the event of economic crises and pandemics. The WHO is in the process of retouching a text rejected in May 2022, aiming to modify the International Health Regulations (IHR) and to become a body of almost absolute power during health emergencies. You have to be blind not to see the multiple initiatives aimed everywhere at strengthening the undemocratic power of international institutions in such a way as to give unelected elites unlimited power over the people.

The sirens of the left in the service of fascism

The left was on the side of the working class, the popular masses, and against the big corporations. Today it is the opposite. It is the right, the real one (not LR in France, the English Tories or the US RINO), which today represents the grievances of the working classes, and the left represents Paul, a graduate of Harvard, living in the costly white neighbourhoods of NY, support for Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory, transgender people, Bill Gates, Soros, Fauci and Albert Bourla... Paul talks to you about Africa’s problems as if he had been there, and make sure to include the words inclusion, resilience, empathy, equality… all 3 sentences. What has not changed, however, is the taste of the left for social freedoms (meaning transgressions) (transgender, same-sex marriages, adoption by parents of the same sex, sexual education at 3 years old, etc.) and its constant attacks on real freedoms: individual freedoms. These are attacked from all sides: Covid restrictions, opinions on social networks that can cause the police to knock at your door, persecution of the unvaccinated who nevertheless only exercise a right defined by the Nuremberg Treaty...

The rights, let's talk about it... In order to better drown out the ancient and universal rights (of man, of medical consent...) we have created confusion with the "rights to"... The increase in "rights to" to” comes with a diminishing of the “rights”…especially the right of expression and the right to think differently. Ireland has just passed a law threatening up to 5 years in prison for “hate” speech. Newsom's California has passed a law threatening to punish doctors spreading "false information" about Covid and its treatments. France, formerly a beacon of freedom of expression, censored RT and Rumble. This did not cause any scandal.

The “rights to” have replaced freedoms: the right to change gender, the right to housing, the right to Universal Income, the right to take one way streets the wrong way on a bicycle... In Europe people are ready to jump on a pedestrian crossing while a car is coming fast, because it's their right. They are also ready to have their genitals cut because it's their right to become a woman. Millions of women practice sex without precaution and get rid of a foetus like they're going to have a wart removed, because it's their right.

Mention should also be made of "sexual rights", the subject of a declaration by the IPPF, a powerful organisation with great influence at the UN. In France Marion Sigaut has devoted a book to the subject (Les Droits Sexuels, Editions Sigest). We learn, among other terrifying things, that the UN Commission on Population and Development plans to grant "sexual and reproductive rights" to children from the age of ten. According to IPPF "Parents are the biggest barrier to minors accessing these 'services'. In an official statement, IPPF said that legislation that restricts young people's access to sexual health and reproductive rights, and even those that provide for mandatory parental or spousal consent, must either be repealed or unenforced." IPPF texts are riddled with ambiguity about who has the right to do what and from what age.

"In the context of sexual rights, these principles require an individual approach that is based on a demonstration of maturity and that takes into account particular circumstances, such as the understanding of the child or adolescent, his activities, his physical condition and mental health, his relationship with his parents or other parties involved, the power relations between the people involved, as well as the nature of the problem in question.... ( ) The rights and protections guaranteed to persons under the age of ten- eight years differ from the rights of adults and must take into account the evolving capacities of each child to exercise their rights on their behalf”. This ambiguity blurs the concept of culpability for adults having sexual relations with minors, as the latter is declared free of his actions "according to his evolving capacities", so his decision to have relations with an adult who knew how to seduce him would pass above the law and the authority of the parents.

The confusion around human rights is also amplified by intensive lobbying by pressure groups like the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the largest American LGBTQ+ organisation funded by Soros. It is the originator of the Corporate Equality Index (CEI) which pushes companies to embrace woke, transgender ideology and the LGBTQ+ agenda.

There is one essential page (among many others) in Samuel Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations": page 306 in the 1997 English edition of Simon & Schuster, where the United States is mentioned. The author explains that: 

1- Never in the history leaders have managed to disavow the cultural heritage of their country and to transform its identity from one form of civilisation to another, without causing a schizophrenic division of the country.

2- American multiculturalists reject the cultural heritage of their country, wishing to create a “multi-civilisational” country. They call into question an essential element of the American creed by substituting the rights of groups (defined in terms of race, ethnicity, sex and sexual preferences) for the rights of individuals. But the American creed was the unifying element of the country. 

In these visionary pages Huntington was already announcing what other more recent authors like Douglas Murray also analyse very well: the fight for Western culture and individual rights is being played out in the United States.

The decline of the West is not due to the weakness of its fundamental values (freedom, democracy, individualism, equality before the law, constitutionalism, private property...). It is due to the incessant attacks of the left against these values and ultimately to its victory. In all Western countries (US, UK, France...) the constitutions are attacked, threatened, circumvented, revised... The American constitution in particular, with its important safeguards against a centralising and authoritarian power, is the target number one of the globalists and their little soldiers of the left. The migratory invasions that further weaken Western culture are just the classic phenomenon of parasites attacking a weak body. They would not have happened without the suicidal ideas of the left.

For almost 3 years, manufactured crises have followed one another (Covid, Ukraine, energy, inflation, bond crisis and soon sovereign debt) and have resulted in the impoverishment of the majority, the destruction of small businesses, pensions... all these desperate and provoked situations call for aid, which governments are happy to provide (most politicians only exists through the funds they distribute). All of this aid is widening the deficits even further and bringing us even closer to the inevitable moment of a reset which it is more than likely will result in the confiscation of the assets of those who have savings or property.

Helicopter money

On the side of the stock market, which is also a means of independence, it has become more than ever a cut-throat... Only a minority of exceptional traders are able to generate income on the stock market in the current context, if of course we exclude insider trading, which is abound in the high circles of power and the corridors of the powerful, in central banks and large investment banks. Add to this stagflation and it will be understood that the means of independence and freedom have been taken away from a majority of free citizens, who are not civil servants or employees.... Those who had the power to say no, to say “without me thank you”... Many today are caught by the throat, trying to save their business, or having already lost it, sometimes drowned in debt, or just stunned by exploding bills and falling income . Many will be ripe for the carrot and stick of Universal Income and submission to the dictates of Davos. If it is not planned, it seems like a very happy coincidence for those who dream of absolute control over the population.

But let's not be naive: for three years the accumulation of errors with serious consequences, acts of total incompetence, catastrophic decisions is such that it is certainly feasible to prove by the laws of probability that this is impossible. And if that's impossible... there's an agenda. How not to realise this when we see the simultaneity and ubiquity in most countries of socially or economically revolutionary measures (gender, climate, currency, property...) and tailor-made slogans suddenly repeated like mantras by political actors from the same cocoon (Build Back Better...). We are in the psychological manipulation of crowds, or according to the term popularised by Robert Malone, "mass formation psychosis" or 5th generation warfare.

The Hegelian process aims to destroy the means of independence (business or savings) of the part of the population that can still say the FY* words to Big Gov. They enter into a situation of dependence and join the ranks of civil servants, welfare dependants, and employees of the ever more monopolistic large companies participating in the Davos project. Soon the resistance will have lost its autonomy and its financial means.

The world today is divided into two groups: 

That of the Teddy Bears who believe :

  • In socialist or Marxist utopias 
  • in global warming caused by man 
  • that globalist elites are actively working for the good of the planet and its people, 
  • that democracy is an outdated system since it allows populist votes to thwart the plans of “ those who know”
  • that all migrants are victims to be saved and a cultural enrichment for the society that welcomes them, and that those who do not share this opinion are racists
  • that Pfizer and Moderna are companies that deserve the trust of the public and that government agencies in charge of health cannot be suspected of corruption
  • that governments generally make their decisions in the interest of their population
  • that globally during the Covid crisis Western governments have done the best they can with the data they had.

The second group is made up of those whom we will call the skeptics or resistants. Having become rightly suspicious of the propaganda of professional liars, starting with the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, The Guardian, Le Monde, BBC, France 24, France 2.... with regard to Big Pharma, the corruption of our leaders, weaponised justice and the manipulations of the democratic process.

The teddy bears despise the freedom fighters and treat them as racists, conspiracy theorists, fascists, deplorables and deniers of “scientific truth” (controlled by very large financial means and very strong incentives not to swim against the current ).

In the United States, the deep cleavage between the two groups will undoubtedly lead to secession and the division into two parts of the country.

But in Europe, the tension between these two irreconcilable groups can only lead to violence. One form or another of violence. That of the revolution against the order of Davos, or that of the teddy-bear faced fascism that it wants to impose on us.


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